Is it important for me to undergo Ananda’s Detox® purification program?

Just like you keep your clothes, hands and home clean, you need to clean your inner body too. Those who are conscious about their emotional, spiritual, mental & physical wellbeing must consider a total purification and cleansing of their inner body.

The detox & fasting programs of Ananda have time and again proven the benefits of internal cleansing of body, and how it helps in reducing depression, physical weakness, distress and symptoms of other ailments. In other words, it removes the feeling of un-cleanliness and heaviness, and boosts the immunity and makes a person feel and look younger.

Why Detox?

You thoroughly clean your bedroom, your hands along with your outfits, why not cleanup your entire body? Purifying and cleansing your body is important for anybody aware of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Ananda’s fasting and detox programs have shown and proven how bodily purification acts to decrease physical weakness, decreases states of depression and distress, and also to reduce the signs and symptoms of most illnesses. It eradicates sensations of being hefty and unhygienic, decreases the signs of aging and boosts individual’s immune systems.


In the last 7 years, we've assisted quite a lot of individuals to cleanse their bodies. Our cleansing programs help them in reducing hazardous acids and harmful toxins, flushing out excess buildups of mucous, eliminating blockages in intestinal tract and enhancing blood circulation – hence favorably impacting, not just their actual physical bodies, and also their mental, spiritual states and emotions.


The treatment options that we provide enable individuals to cleanse their mental natures, and thus also relax the stress on their mind. This method functions by getting rid of negative ideas and thoughts. It attains this outcome as a result of the truth that, generally, a person’s ideas and thoughts are strongly conditioned with the degree where that person’s mental or emotional character is elevated. Purifying this emotional nature could also produce purification of mind. This in return, holds exceptional significance for person’s development or evolution.


Ananda’s Transformation Plans are motivated by the historical Greek adage , ‘A healthy thoughts in healthy body’

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