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Ananda Wellness Resort is becoming an in demand place for detoxification.

Maybe you are thinking why people need to detox their body if it can naturally release harmful elements through sweat, urination and bowel movement. Every human being and living things in this world depend with their natural environment and when this has been altered, then there are disastrous changes that will happen.


There are infections, viruses and germs that can enter the body’s system that cannot be eliminated by simply cleaning through bathing. It is important to clean the body from the inside and its effect will be seen on the outside.

Detox Thailand

Why Ananda Wellness Resort for your Detoxification Program

Detoxification is a form of cleansing the body from toxins that can promote illnesses and diseases. There are lots of people who have tried detoxification, but they do it the wrong way. Now, you can have the opportunity to experience memorable vacation and life changing detoxification in one with the help of Ananda Wellness Resort. This resort and spa is number one when it comes to detox Thailand.  Many have found relief and drastic change have happened right after they undergone their detoxification program. It was in 2007, when this resort started offering detox cleanses. Since then, this service has developed into different superlative programs. It is estimated that almost 3,000 people from different parts of the world already experience Ananda’s detoxification and their cleansing programs. The most prominent individuals who have experience it are Sahajananda, Swami Vivekanda Saraswati and Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc MD.

The detox program that they provide is specifically designed to offer effective results and countless health benefits. The best thing about their program is that they can ensure you that they only use the best cleansing products and herbs.  They also the sole distributor of the popular cleansing product in the United States called Colema Boards and Arise and Shine herbs. These two amazing products and integrated into their detox program. You will encounter custom designed colema rooms for your daily sessions. They have trained and special staffs that will take care of everything from your colema session to cleaning afterwards, so you can focus your body, mind and soul to the cleansing process.

You will be provided with nutritional supplements and juices to complete the program, but in between you will have different scheduled activities. There is a conventional Herbal steam sauna and a salt water swimming pool where you can enjoy together with other members of your family. You need to undergo daily massage that can aid the detoxification process and you also need to attend yoga classes for purification. This Thailand retreat can offer you ultimate pampering and cleansing.

This resort is the perfect setting for rejuvenation as it is situated along the pristine bay of Thailand in front of Koh Phangan Island. You will be subjected into peaceful, relaxing, calm and healing environment close to nature. All staffs will be very attentive to all your needs so you can concentrate and relax as the healing and cleansing process takes place. This cheap detox in Thailand is at your service anytime and they are open for consultation. You can reach them at Ananda Wellness Resort 16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan, Surat Thani, 84280 Thailand +66 8 1397 6280.

You need to realize that disease are not acquired, instead it is formed through bad habits like smoking drinking and eating unhealthy foods. These things can make you acidic and once your body is filled with toxins, then it will start to feel weak. This will make it very hard for you to do your daily activities. Detoxification can help your body to become healthy and well again because it can eliminate all harmful toxins that invaded your system.

Ananda Wellness Resort 16/3 moo 6, Koh Pha-ngan Surat Thani, 842, Thailand +66 8 1397 6280.

Tops Tips on following a Detox or Fast


A detox or fast is a great way to clean out your body from all of those harmful toxins and give your digestive system a bit of a break. For many people, avoiding the foods that you love and are used to eating on a daily basis is quite a challenge on completion in can be tempting to immediately indulge in all of those foods that you have missed. This is a bad idea and after a detox or fast you need to slowly re-introduce your body and more importantly your digestive system to food so that your body can continue to be cleansed and detoxified. Here are some tips to consider once you have finished your detox diet or fasting period.


  1. Eat small portions of healthy foods
  2. Concentrate your diet on raw foods, fruits and vegetables for maximum absorption of nutrients
  3. Incorporate plenty of fruit juices into your diet
  4. Slowly increase your portion sizes and overall daily consumption
  5. Chew your food properly and generally eat slowly to avoid fat consumption
  6. Eat coconut juice and flesh for fast energy and nutrient replacement.


Who are purification programs designed for?


Anyone with an interest in his or her own physical or mental wellbeing can benefit from a well-designed purification program. They generally are not designed for anyone in particular, although can be tailored to take into considerations am individuals health or dietary requirements. Understanding what a purification program entails is the first step to gaining an understanding of whether or not is something for you and something from which you feel you could benefit.


A purification program such as those offered by Ananda Wellness Resort is essentially a number of practices or methods used to cleanse the body, mind and soul. In a similar fashion to a spring clean, in which you would give your home a thorough cleaning, purification is something that a person can do every now and then to clear the body of unnecessary and even potential harmful blockages and toxins. Generally it will include a number activities or processes, some of which are focused on the health of the body and others on the mind and soul. These will often include some form of fasting or detoxing process and a herbal sauna, during which food is limited to the purest and healthiest of ingredients in order to give your body a chance to clean out the bad stuff. For the mind and soul yoga and meditation are very popular and successful techniques.

How to Stay Healthy Long After Fasting


Going through a program of detoxification is not a guarantee of permanent good health and is only as good as the habits it helps you to develop.  Take some time before and during your fast to learn about healthy habits.  Years of unhealthy eating teaches the body to tolerate and even crave unhealthy foods.  Fasting helps the body to reset itself and lose the unhealthy cravings, allowing you to discern actual hunger.  The changes fasting brings about in the body can help you to develop lasting healthy habits.


Slow down and chew your food thoroughly.  Digestion begins in the mouth, and not just by the teeth.  There are enzymes in saliva that jump start the process.  As much as 80% of carbohydrates and nearly a third of protein in your food can be digested before you even swallow your food, but not if you don’t give the enzymes time to work.


Learn the difference between emotional cravings and actual hunger.  Find other healthy ways of dealing with emotions.  You will find that you feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food and overeating will make you feel tired.  Learn to listen to your body’s cues, or you may find yourself sliding back into overeating and other unhealthy habits.  Consider keeping a journal to help you identify how your body reacts to different foods.

16/3 moo 6,, Koh Pha-ngan, Surat Thani | +66 8 1397 6280

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